Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 140: Goodbye August, Goodbye Whites...

Slept in in the bunk house. Having a pillow is so nice! We four (Boss, Rorshach, Wilbur, and I) walked over to the hut for leftover breakfast, and there was a bunch of food. Thick chocolate chip pancakes, oatmeal and a few peaches. It was good and plenty.

Soon after breakfast, we were on our way. Wilbur left early, and Rorshach was going to take a swim in the pond before leaving. Boss and I stopped by the pond to take a few photos before beginning the steep climb up to Carter Dome. And it was steep. Too early in the morning (and too much breakfast in our bellies) for such a climb! And it never ended. Right when I thought I must be close to the top, it just kept going. And it was warm and sunny. Hot even. And there was no breeze. It was a pretty tough, steep climb for full stomachs and bright sun and no breeze until the top. But we made it. We'd only gone 1.2 miles.

We descended the north side and enjoyed the breeze on the way down, checked out the 360 degree views of Height mountain, then gradually we started back up to South Carter. We had a lunch break on the trail with heaps of peanut butter and got back to climbing. We met southbounder Low Step and day hiker Jason before catching up to Wilbur. After Middle and South Carter, Boss and I were pretty tired. We took a break to get water at Imp campsite and then began our last mountain in the whites. Moriah.

Moriah teased us with false summits and long slabs of rock face, but we made it up there and reveled in the beauty all around us. How did we luck out with such amazing weather almost all the way through the Whites?! (yes, we've heard that hurricane Earl is on the way... Ugh)

The descent from Moriah was steep at the beginning, and then just long. My knees were hurting again with so much downhill the end of the day. We finally ran into the Rattle River shelter and dropped our bags. It was just the time to stop walking for the day, even though it was only 5:15pm.

There was a group of high schoolers camping up the hill, and they went down to the river for a dip. Boss and I cleaned up a bit in the river and rinsed some of our clothes in preparation for doing laundry tomorrow in Gorham the first laundry in 11days. Can. Not. Wait.

Wilbur showed up, and we three ate dinner together. A mother and daughter arrived and shared fresh fruit with us. The mom (Clickity Clack) thru hiked in 1997 with her husband, and the daughter (10 years old) plans to thru hike someday. The pears they gave us were SO GOOD! Thanks Clack!

Time for bed. Into Gorham tomorrow!! I miss the whites already....
(13.3mi 5st)

-- Posted from the trail...

Location:Rattle River Shelter

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CBraesch said...

I used to live just miles from Gorham! You are right near my house in South Portland. Wish it was vacant so you could go enjoy it. Almost done Carrie! Sooo proud of you.