Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 114: Mount Greylock in the Rain

Woke up to rain drops. Rolled back over. Woke up later to more rain drops and scrambled again to break down my tent, but this time it was already soaked from the night rain. Most of the crew had walked over to breakfast at the diner, but Timon and I ate out of our bags at the house. I packed up as the other kids came back and did the same. The slack-pack crew crammed into Tom's car and away they went. We'd see them in a few hours on the trail.

Scatters and I finished packing and headed out, saying goodbye to Herbert (Abear), a sobo who wore bright green pants. We got out of town and headed over the hills to Cheshire. The rocks were a bit slick after the rain, but it wasn't raining anymore. (What a day to break in the new shoes!?) I actually carried the new ones while I wore the old ones for a few hours. Then I switched to the new ones. Then back to the old ones for their final hours. Along the way, we ran into HD Mama. We three ladies hiked into Cheshire and stopped to get an ice cream cone at Diane's.

After a great treat (and cookies from the Boy Scout / Adventurers group), and a visit from Mad Mike (who knew HD Mama and Scatters and looked very familiar), we started putting our packs back on. I checked the Doppler, and it looked like a storm was about to blow through. HD Mama and Scatters thought we could make it to the first shelter (4miles) before the rain came down, but I wasn't sure. We ended up hiking on, and it did rain, but it never down-poured! No problem.

After a few miles I saw Timon coming the other way and stopped to chat. Then later, I came across Klarity, Boss and 151. I stopped for a break with them before Scatters caught up. We successfully scared her as she came around the bend. Brilliant! Later, we saw Tattoo, who wasn't feeling well. And finally we made it up to Mount Greylock as the rain stopped. The sun even came out a bit. It was nice.

Scats and I took a few photos then headed into the lodge to cook dinner. It was only 3 miles to the next shelter, so making dinner here would just be easier. Plus, we were starving since we really didn't have a good lunch (a six-year-old's dream: ice cream and cookies). HD Mama was there and so was Sandbagger. We hung out a bit and ate and were amazed at the post-rain view. It had cleared up nicely.

Apparently, Xan and Neutron had befriended a local guy yesterday in Cheshire, and he was going to put them up at his house tonight. Sandbagger wasn't sure if he'd make it to the road (3 miles past the shelter), but Scatters and I were sold on the closer option. We were tired from a short night's sleep last night and a big hiking day today. So, we all left the lodge, and only the ladies are at the shelter. My tent is still soaked from this morning (and it smells a bit), but it should dry out overnight.

The photo from the lodge is a bit off since the trail has grown in length, but we've got fewer than 600 miles left!

Hope the group in North Adams is having a ball!
(20.1mi 12st)

-- Posted from the trail...

Location:Wilbur Clearing Lean-to

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