Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 111: Ten Before Noon

It's nice to get up early and get a chunk of miles done before lunchtime. Scatters and I (and Tattoo?) had planned just that. So, we were up and out earlier than what has become normal. If I'm out before 8am, it's a good day.

Scatters left by 7:30, and I was behind her at 7:45. Tattoo was still in his hammock, with little movement, but said he'd meet us at the end. It was a lovely morning and the first ten miles flew by. Scatters and I stopped for lunch on a ridge, and then we were on our way to conquer the second half of the day. Boss caught up with us and said Tattoo still hadn't left when we walked out at 9am.

Lots of pine tree forest and also fern valleys. A couple cow pastures and a bunch of blackberry bushes. Scatters and I ate a bunch or ripe berries and had seeds stuck in our teeth for a while. When we'd made it to within 7 miles of our destination, we took a break with Boss, who was heading to the same cabin. We had all heard magical things about Upper Goose Pond cabin. Right on the water...? A caretaker...? Blueberry pancakes on the morning...?!?! We were sold.

As we hiked on, we ran into Kit Kat at a road three miles out, and she was offering sodas again. Just what we needed for that final push! She said Dr Rock was probably an hour or so behind us, but we hadn't seen him all day. I also discovered that she and I have the same birthday! Another October 15thian. Cheers!

Soooo, Scatters, Boss and I marched the last few miles and made it to the cabin (a half mile off the trail, so we were all counting on a few perks), and they were all eating a communal dinner - and there was some left! We got salad and spaghetti. Delicious and so unexpected!! Definitely NOT going to help the weight if my food bag, though... Oh well.

We finally caught up to Deetz and Power Pack - yay! And also Ugly Tuna, Miles, Homebrew, 151 (hadn't seen him since Trail Days), Timon (hadn't seen him since Waynesboro), and Beaver Chief. Met Black Packer and the care taker and a few others. It was a full house, and I was almost positive I'd run back into Xan and Neutron here, but apparently they kept going towards Dalton - where their sleeping bags were being sent. (I think they've been chilly at night recently) And guess who road walked and got here a half an hour before us.... Tattoo. Oh, road walker...

As we ate (there were extra hot dogs, too!), we caught up with what everyone had been up to, and laughed a lot. The cabin was cool and had a bunk room, but we all tented. We walked down to the dock and washed our feet. (Tomorrow maybe a morning swim out to the little island after pancakes...?) After setting up camp, we hung out a bit, but soon after it got dark and the mosquitos came out in full force, most of us went to bed.

Looking forward to pancakes and a swim AND [the other] Tattoo (from way back in the Shennys) is swinging by with trail magic!! It should be another great day... (with a heavy food bag)
(21.1mi 11st)

-- Posted from the trail...

Location:Upper Goose Pond Cabin

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