Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 118: An AT Oasis

Woke up early and laid in my tent for a while. A few of the gang (Boss, Miles and Deetz) were gonna leave camp by 6am to make it to town for breakfast. The rest of us were going to have a normal morning and catch lunch in town. It was just under nine miles into Manchester Center.

Power Pack, Scatters and I still made good time after breaking down camp, and we made it to the road by 11am. With three girls, we didn't think it would be hard to get a hitch. It wasn't. A nice guy named Steve stopped and drove us into town and dropped us off at Friendly's. Thanks Steve!!

We had hearty lunch at Friendly's and charged our dead phones. After lunch, we ran a few errands in town. I got a brand new hiking shirt. (thrilling!!!) We met back up with the other three at a pizza place in town and met Dutchess and Nuthatch as well. Deetz and Power Pack got their socks traded in for new ones at the outfitter, then we all headed to the grocery store to resupply and get food for dinner. We'd made reservations at a hostel where we could cook dinner, and Jeff, the owner, would pick us up from town when we were all ready. After shopping, we ran into 151 and Timon. They'd caught up! Xan and Neutron were inside Price Chopper, but I never got to see them since Jeff arrived. I got in the first shuttle and fell in love with our home for the night. It was a real HOME! Jeff and Regina have been running this place for three years now, and it is fantastic! So clean and homey. Just what every hiker yearns for.

Shower time. Laundry. Family style dinner cooking (in a kitchen!). We grilled up veggies, the boys made steaks, and salad. Delicious!!! Hummous, sodas, bread... And part of the $15 hostel fee gets you a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. What a deal! This place rocks.

We ate as much as we could, ate more, shared the rest, then hunkered down to watch Stand By Me. It's a nice, chill vibe here, and we're all looking forward to sleeping in BEDS with clean SHEETS tonight. Rain's in the forecast, but back to the trail tomorrow.
(8.6mi 3st)

-- Posted from the trail...

Location:Green Mountain House Hostel - Manchester Center, VT

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