Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 128: Time for Time Off ("Sprint" Day #3)

Relaxing morning, but very damp. It was like we were in a cloud. A few hikers passed our camp site before we were up and at em. Late start, but a short day. We planned only to do Moosilauke today, then to meet Boss' friend, Amy, for a night of camping before heading to the airport. It just would've been too much of a stretch to try to make it over to I-93.

We hiked past the next shelter, crossed a road, then up to a sign that told us we were 3.7 miles from the summit. Here we go. Boss took off and was soon out of site. I'd planned to go the distance without stopping. It was pretty steep - like a stair-climber on the hardest setting with a 30 pound pack on. I climbed and climbed, and the legs were burning. It wasn't too warm, but I was sweating like a pig. A passed a few other hikers and kept my stride. I knew I'd made it at least halfway before I got a little light-headed and unbalanced. So, considering I had probably already burned off my entire breakfast, I stopped briefly to have a few bites of a protein bar. I charged on. I felt good. My legs were still burning but the view was getting better. I even teared up for a few seconds when I turned around to see how high I was. It was magnificent.

Finally, I got to a sign that told me I was .8 miles from the summit... and then it was flat-ish for about a half mile. The last remaining trees soon were out of site and the trail opened up to exposed rocks. There was a moose (!) on a distant hill. I snapped a quick photo and marched up to meet Boss, HD Mama and Twigzy at the top. Woo hoo! Moosilauke!

We took a well-deserved lunch break up there in the sun with a cool breeze forcing jackets to be put on. The Canadian Geese made it up, and then Thunder and Day Tripper arrived, too. I hadn't met any of them yet. Funk and Trooper had slacked-packed from the opposite direction and got there while we were up there. Good times. It was beautiful.

After a good hour at top, Boss and I began to make our way down. Lots of giggles and a few stumbles (and a waterfall that followed us almost the entire way down), but we made it all the way to NH 112 before 3pm.

HD mama and Rick were down there with his truck and offered us a quick ride up the road where we'd meet Amy. A soda AND a ride! Thanks guys. A few minutes later, we were saying hi to Amy and her adorable lab puppy, Izzy. And she brought ice cream! (Amy knows what's up.)

Since it was a magical, beautiful, gorgeous day, Amy drove us around to a few view spots, and I loved it. It's so pretty around here! We ended up at the Passaconaway camp site and set up before heading to dinner in North Conway. Ohmygoodness dinner was GOOD! She took us to The Moat. Good beer, nachos, a pulled pork burrito, sandwiches, and sweet potato fries. I highly recommended this restaurant. (Again... Amy knows what's up.)

After dinner, we took a growler of pale ale back to the campsite and hung out by the fire. A little music and conversation before hitting the hay. Hard to believe I'll be boarding a plane tomorrow afternoon!?
(9.5mi 5st)

-- Posted from the trail...

Location:Passaconaway Camp site

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