Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 124: Berry Distracted

Nothing like an enormous climb to start the morning off right! Woke up after a great night's sleep, ate breakfast and then walked uphill for an hour or so. I feel like I burned up my pop tart and oatmeal within the first 8 minutes. Scatters and I stopped on top of a hill where Hitch offered us raspberries. Then we picked a bunch until Rorshach and Boss caught up. Fruit out here is such a treat, and when it's free for the picking, even better.

Scatters and I walked on and talked a bunch. We played the "name your favorite meal" game for at least a mile, describing every course in detail. We took a short break by the Thistle Hill shelter with Butter, Six Toes, Hitch and Buttons. Then it was on to the deli five miles away ON the trail! We couldn't wait to get there, but the hundreds of blackberry bushes distracted us quite a bit. Some of them were HUGE and so good. Scatters and I stopped to talk with two sobo's (One Pace and Guiermo) who warned us about a few things to come.

We rolled into the deli and ordered sandwiches. Miles, Power Pack and Deetz were there, digesting, and about 30 minutes later, so were we. Great food. Really nice people. And almost too much air conditioning. Chocolate milk, chips, ice cream, Gatorade, soda, a bathroom, power outlets - everything a hiker could want! We stayed there for over two hours. It would be a short day today - only four more miles to the shelter, so we relaxed and hung out until about 5pm. Then it was almost all uphill. We got to the shelter, and the stream was dry. Miles and Boss volunteered to walk back a bit to the stream that had water and fill everyone's bottles. Thanks guys!

We set up. Deetz made an awesome fire. We ate and chatted and drank the TWO [glass] bottles of wine Boss packed out for everyone. It was such a nice treat to drink wine by the fire. Slowly everyone dropped out and headed back to their tents/hammocks. We are going to try to hit up Hanover for breakfast in the morning. It's about nine miles away, so it could be an early one. It's just begun to rain, so we'll see...
(12.9mi 3st)

-- Posted from the trail...

Location:Happy Hill Shelter

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