Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 129: Flying is Very Efficient

Didn't wake up too early and broke down camp pretty quickly. Boss and I took showers at the [over-priced] camp showers. Eight quarters for 6 minutes! We didn't have enough change, but luckily showermaster Bob let us take a cash advance to avoid having to run back to the car. After getting clean, we met Amy down at the watering hole where Izzy was having a blast splashing around in the stream. The water was too cold to swim, so we headed into town for breakfast at The Blueberry Muffin.

Delicious breakfast (and blueberry flavored coffee?!) and great conversation before paying the tab and driving around to a few climbing spots. We weren't planning on climbing today, of course, but Amy and Boss are climbers, and Amy has climbed a bunch in this area. Beautiful spots and another gorgeous day. The Cathedral looked like it would be a lot of fun.

We had to rip ourselves away from being tourists and to start heading down to the airport in Manchester. Great day for a road trip (or anything, really) and stunning New Hampshire landscapes. Meredith was so adorable!

Unfortunately, we hit traffic. At a few points, we were worried we'd miss the flight, but since we were leaving our tent stakes, lights, stoves, and hiking poles with Amy, we could carry our packs on the plane. It was a bit tight for timing, but we made it with a few minutes to spare - enough for Boss to grab some food. Thanks for driving and hosting us, Amy!! See you Monday!

It was weird to fly. So efficient and clean. We had a few funny flight attendants entertain us every time they had something to say over the intercom, and we read the entire sky mall catalogue. In 90 minutes, we had traveled 455 miles. Our normal distance for that time is 4-5 miles...

My mom picked us up at the airport with snacks and hugs, and after hitting a bit of beach traffic and watching the sun set over the bay, we chatted our way home. My brother cooked up a FEAST while we were on the way. Steaks and chicken and veggies and corn and lots of other good stuff. Yum!

We all ate ourselves silly and chatted about everything until Boss and I were about to pass out with fatigue. It was WAY past hiker midnight (it was actual midnight), so we all went to bed. Looking forward to breakfast in the morning. It's so weird to be back here. Home-cooked meals and beds and laundry and my family. Nice.

-- Posted from the trail...

Location:Parents' House in Berlin, MD

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Anonymous said...

SOOO glad to see you if but for an hour!! MISS YOU!! take care of you and keep me posted where you are!!